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Instagram is growing in popularity as more and more smartphone users are discovering the fun of posting great photos and accumulating likes and followers. If you’re one of the users who just can’t seem to get the Instagram ball rolling for your business, there’s no need to cancel the account. There are options for people who want to grow Instagram followers organically, but need a push in the right direction.

Why Real Followers are better than Fake on Instagram

There are actually companies whose job it is to create fake accounts and sell them to companies as followers. This practice doesn’t actually help your social media campaign. Buying 300 artificial followers are like purchasing zombies, and you will lose them over time with Instagram purges, done at least once a year with the goal of stripping Instagram of all fake accounts. If you’re using Instagram for your business, purchasing 300 artificial followers will be a red flag to Insta-savvy users who can tell the difference between real profiles and fakes. Instead of helping your business, you could actually be turning business away. Don’t squander your money or your good name. Invest in an actual solution – a website that will get you real, organic Instagram followers.

Most people have probably seen the ubiquitous # sign that’s always placed on social media posts but are unsure or unaware what the symbol does. That sign is a hashtag and is used to make it simpler to locate posts or information that has a specific subject or content. You create a hashtag by adding the symbol # in front of a specific word or words without spacing the words. It helps to add hashtags into your online content on social media for a number of reasons. Hashtags are important especially on Instagram and should be used for purposes outlined below.

Hashtags are very effective when used for purposes of branding on Instagram. When you want to market your brand on Instagram and you would like to use your brand, hashtags will come in handy. Marketing a brand is a vital part of business. Instead of using random posts which cannot show on search results when people are looking for your brand name, you can use hashtags. When you post pictures on Instagram that contain hashtags with your brand name, people will recognize the post. They will know that the post is from a specific business. Hashtags are for this matter very essential for purposes of making your brand recognizable on Instagram.

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